Low Barriers to Entry

We are seeking companies with established local presence, adept at providing excellent technical support and guiding local marketing efforts. We offer boundless potential with minimal investment required.





business improve rate


labor cost reduce


2-year failure rate

2-year failure rate

Customer value

Labor Shortages Supplement

Using AI robots to supplement the shortage of human labor

Agile workforce deployment

Our robots are adaptable to different work environments and job positions.

Prompt customer support

Our robots can respond to customer demands in the shortest possible time and not miss any requests.

Keep up with the trend

With our robust technical support, both design and functionality can keep up with the pace of technological development

Reduced heavy labors

Reducing the demand for heavy physical labor in the workplace can better protect the safety of your employees.

Captivating imaging to customer

Our product has an attractive appearance and functionality that not only helps with the workload but also grabs the attention of customers, achieving the promotional effect.

Multifunctional accessory

We have various accessories to enable multifunctional operations, making the robot adaptable to different working needs.

Digital management

All user data will be uploaded to cloud servers for big data analysis. The generated reports can directly reflect the needs and shopping or usage habits of the business's customers, thereby greatly increasing the level and quality of the business's services.

early brid benefits

We are grateful to our earliest partners who trusted us. It is with your support that there is a future for Aireeman. Therefore, we will do our best to help you grow.

Our earliest distributors can enjoy preferential prices, making your sales more competitive. At the same time, you can also get the lowest prices for the same model at the first time.

The earliest distributors can choose to try out our new models at the first time and completely free of charge. And they will have priority eligibility to purchase new models.

The earliest distributors can purchase any big data analysis report from us at a very low price. This can help to create more perfect sales and promotional plans based on user profiles.

When inventory is tight, we will prioritize meeting the needs of our earliest distributors, allowing distributors to maximize their benefits.

how to join

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Contact Us

You can initiate initial communication and learn more about our products through email, phone, or by visiting our office. You will know more about the details of our products, and we can learn about your intentions. Once we reach a mutual understanding, we can proceed to the next step.

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For this step, we need to know where you plan to establish your warehouse, sales locations, and service stations. In order to serve our distributors better, we will conduct thorough market research and sales analysis reports. This will help us understand the local market demands and develop detailed promotion plans.

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We will arrange for professional technicians and sales managers to train your team. We will provide all necessary assistance to your service stations. In the future sales process, we will spare no effort to help your team solve any difficulties.

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We will establish a safe and efficient transportation channel to ensure that the products are delivered to your customers as quickly as possible. At the same time, we can guarantee that your service stations have sufficient spare parts to maintain repair and upgrade needs.

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