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Big Dog Chassis is a wheeled robot platform with complete and mature perception, cognition, and positioning navigation capabilities. Full-featured and modular development support, no external environment adjustment, and human programming required. Completely open SDK, with rich API interface, scalable, to meet diversified development needs.


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Open SDK, providing flexible and rich API interfaces, enables developers to get started quickly in the shortest possible time, leaving behind the tedious hardware control and protocol development, and focusing on the implementation of the business logic of the application itself.

Autonomous Dispatching System

The big dog chassis adopts laser SLAM + 3D camera fusion technology, with super strong environment perception ability to achieve autonomous obstacle avoidance and detour, which greatly improves the safety of the product.

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Cloud Platform Remote Navigation Deployment

remote control

The ability to control the robot remotely and receive real-time reports on its running conditions is a crucial feature that can greatly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of various tasks. By utilizing this remote control capability, customers can easily direct the robot to navigate through complex environments and collect data for mapping purposes. Moreover, the real-time feedback on the robot’s performance enables users to identify any issues or anomalies promptly, thereby reducing the risk of errors or malfunctions. Overall, this comprehensive solution enables customers to achieve seamless and reliable navigation map construction and helps to streamline their operations in a more cost-effective and productive manner.

50 kg

Net wright

704mm(L)x 470mm(H) x 397(H)

Tray Size

16-20 hours

Battery life





User Manual

Product Size Net Weight Navigation Accuracy Moving Speed Construction Area
About 40,000㎡
Battery Life Battery Parameters Single Line Lidar MCU Power Board Task Configuration
16-20 Hours
50AH 1930WH
905nm Wavelength ,Working Area 270 Degrees
Maximum Output Current 16A
Customize Task Setting


Widely used in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, KTV, venues, and other catering and entertainment venues.

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Our bots are used in a wide range of scenarios across all sectors, bringing a new experience to the business customer, not only with a personalized look but also with a unique automated service experience.

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